How to choose the best video editing software

which video editing software to choose ?

For content creators, animators, and those interested in making quality videos on YouTube, getting the right video editing software is important. However, there are many video editing tools online, making getting a good one an upheaval task. This article will explain what video editing software is, how to choose the best video editing software, and the top 5 best video editing software available.

What is video editing software?

Video editing software is used to develop various digital video sequences using a linear editing system (NLE). This software has replaced traditional video editing tools and tape-to-take editing machines. Video editing software has many purposes, including filmmaking, audio commentary, and general video editing.

With this software, the user can manipulate several sections of video and audio sequences.

How to choose a video editing software?

When choosing a video editing software, here are some factors to consider:


You should look at the price it comes with first. While some are free, many only come in paid versions. For beginners, using free video editing software might be a good idea.

Still, for professionals and people making a living from YouTube and Instagram, you might need advanced features that can be available on paid versions.

video editing software


When choosing editing software for your videos, you should check the learning curve. Is it software that is easy to use and has instructions for newbies? Get a video editing software that offers numerous video editing tankards to get you started quickly. Templates are great because they help you integrate videos easily.

Video format support

When you decide to buy video editing software, ensure it can easily edit the video from your camera. This is important for those who plan to edit video from actions and drones storage.

Video editing and formats are regularly changing; therefore, get updated software and can cope with issues like this.

Top 5 free and paid video editing software

There are many video editing software around; here are the top 5 to consider:

CyberLink Power Director

The CyberLink Power Director editing software is a top product available for Mac and Windows users. It offers animators advanced video editing features that are rarely unmatched. It comes in several versions depending on the OS on your device.

The popular versions are Power director ultra and PowerDirector ultimate, which have many tools which you can use for your music and video editing. However, it’s important to note that the version of Windows has more features than the macOS version. However, the developers promised better tools before the end of the year.

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Features it comes with are:

  • Aspect ratio for social media integration
  • Built-in motion graphics and grew music
  • intuitive user interface
  • Audio sync, and 4k preview

Corel Video Studio Ultimate

This is a top video editing software from the stable of Corel for you. This excellent package is great for beginners who want to learn about video editing using the Windows platform. Corel video studio is a powerful tool that everyone can use to edit videos easily.

The interface is a spare bit and has a plethora of tools which includes more than 3,000 effects. The only downside of this great tool is that it is only available to Windows users.

Features of this editing software are:

  • ’3D text editing
  • Lens correction tools
  • 360-degree video editing
  • comprehensive Multicam support
  • Split screen video collages

Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is one of the best video editing software new filmmakers can use on their Mac computers. It combines professional trailers and themes and has many special effects for them. This app has an easy-to-learn interface that can be navigated easily.

This free video software supports 4k editing and sharing. The developer has also added a Touch bar support for Mac users.

However, it doesn’t have motion tracking or Multicam abilities. The features are:

  • Easy User interface
  • Many audio Tools
  • Support 4K resolutions

Hitfilm Express

The Hitfilm Express remains a fantastic video editing software for both new and professional video editors. This free video editing tool can work for both macOS and Windows operating systems. It supports various graphics cards, which include Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

One aspect users will be enticed to this tool is the auto-stabilization feature that helps remove shaky video footage.

Features of this software are:

  • WAW audio exports
  • crop and zoom effects
  • GoPro FX reference
  • color editing effect.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2022

If you want simple but powerful video editing tools with great features, the Adobe premier elements are the best choice. This tool uses the latest AI feature of Adobe known as “sensei” to make video edits easier.

The guided edits function is an excellent tool that demystifies the entire process of filmmaking. This 2022 product has integration features for social media users, videos support, and video reframing capabilities.

The features of this software are:

  • 4K resolutions support
  • Tools for selective edits
  • real-time effects
  • double exposure video.

Using excellent video editing software is essential for people who want quality video content. Choose a video editing software that allows you to edit, manipulate and reframe videos using the latest AI tools.