Best free photo editing software

which free photo editing software to choose ?

Getting a quality photo is important, however, not all photos come out as we hoped. For photographers, whether a beginner or pro, it’s necessary to get the best photo editing software so that they can edit, manipulate and make a better photo before production. This post tends to discuss photo editing software, how to choose the right ones and the 5 best photo editing software you can get.

What is photo editing software?

Photo editing software is a product used to manipulate and enhance digital pictures. This software can be basic apps which can make simple digital effects and are used by expert photographers for their works.

The features of these photo editing software imitate manual photo editing strategies in the photo labs. Usually, photo editing software uses pictures that have been taken from a digital camera before uploading them.

With the improvement in wireless technology, many professional photographers are now using tablets and mobile devices to edit pictures rather than PCs or laptops.

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How to choose a free photo editing software

When choosing a free photo editing software, photographers should consider the following:

Camera capability

You should only choose a free photo software that supports the camera you use. Also, the software must provide custom manufacturing profiles, tethered shooting and support for your camera.

Camera capability is necessary because if your photo editing software doesn’t support your camera, it will affect colors, customization and enhancement features

photo editing software

OS/hardware compatibility

Ensure your free photo editing software is compatible with the operating system you are using. Some software programs work best for Windows, others for Linux and some for Mac operating system. If you get good photo editing software, they can work with all three operating systems.


When choosing software that edits photos, you need to consider the brands. Brands are not just names, they mean a lot. It takes years of consistent production of reputable services before a brand becomes reputable. Choose brands that are popular, credible and reliable.

Editing skills

Every photographer has his unique style, skills and expertise. Some photo editors are into photo art photography, landscape or nature imagery. You will have to consider your skill level and if you can use the free software you want to get.

Top 5 best free photo editing software

Here are the top 5 best free photo software you can get:

Capture One Pro

This is a free photo editing software which offers seamless raw photo processing, image enhancement and cataloguing tools. It allows users to make a preset effect, and you can go back to your adjustment anytime.

It has unique conversions which make your pictures sharper. However, it doesn’t allow some camera raw formats nor have many lens correction profiles. This software offers users expert tethering tools, which photographers will appreciate.


  • Comprehensive Photoshop rival

  • Excellent HDR tone mapping


  • Doesn’t have preset effects
  • Zero cataloguing

Affinity Photo

This is a budget-friendly photo editing software which was developed by sheriff for photographers who use Windows. This is software which has layered masking, retouching functions and image enhancement. The filter tool of this software can be applied live, and its workspace features are great.

This photo editing software’s strength lies in its in-depth picture effect and image manipulation. This software does not have cataloguing tools nor its browsing capability.


  • Simple to use
  • Great picture manipulation


  • Repetitive effects
  • Could do better with filters

Luminar AI

When seeking a photo manipulation software which can easily fill the gap in basic image editing and enhancement, Luminar AI is great. It uses artificial intelligence to create good image edits quickly via a simple interface.

If you aren’t familiar with color correction, this software will be of good use. You can use it for one-click adjustments to spice up your pictures.


  • Great user interface

  • Affordable

  • Has advanced tools


  • A bit technical for newbies in photography

ON1 Photo RAW

The ON1 Photo RAW is a great photo editing software which is modern and trendy and can be used to manipulate lots of images. You can use it as a plugin for Adobe and Photoshop, where you can browse an array of effects and filters.

It could also be considered as a program which has its image and browsing tools. This is a photo editing tool with an interface text that has an AI-supported image masking features.


  • Excellent Value

  • Seamless integration of images


  • Inferior RAW processing

Adobe Photoshop

This is a free photo editing software which is popular among photographers. It comes with excellent photo enchantment tools, which are nice. You can get several effects which stimulate fading, grain, light leaks and cross processing.

These Adobe Photoshop tools help got regular enhancement and color adjustment effects. Moreover, it offers editing layers for stacking and image blending corrections.


  • Many photo effects
  • Excellent photo adjustment settings


  • Unable to combine images

For photographers and those interested in photo manipulation and editing, getting good photo editing software is important. Before getting them, ensure you check for brands, licensing, and compatibility with your camera, etc.