2D animation software : top 10 free and paid

10 best free and paid 2D animation software

The animation and film industry is rising now, with different producers creating helpful content for their viewers. However, when trying to develop memes, cartoons, and videos, animation software comes in handy. The 2D animation market is one of the most popular because these online tools can help you develop intricate content for online users.

If you are a newbie in animation and desire to become an expert animation user, here are the 10 best free and paid 2D animation tools you can consider.

What is 2D animation software?

A 2D animation software is an online tool that helps create various 2-dimensional characters and objects within a smooth space. An artist will move from the screen and page using 2D animation software to sequence images available.

Top 10 best free and paid 2D animation software

Here is the best 2D animation software you can use:

SynFig Studio

This is an open-source 2D animation tool ideal for new people interested in animations and effects. This software can be downloaded free on Android and IOS devices. There is a testing version that users can get their hands on before moving to a more stable version. SynFig studio has more than 55 layers of basic and advanced animation features.

Features of this animation software are:

  • Allows multiple layers
  • Permits the creation of cutout animations using bitmap images
  • Has great sound support, and syncing of music/video



This is one of the best 2D animations which offers free-to-use effects. It is compatible with OS X and Windows operating systems. It allows a plugin so that users can make beautiful animation content without much editing.

The drawback of this tool is its inferior UX design which is up to par with other software. Anyone can use Opentoonz animation software, and it can be downloaded easily.

Features include:

  • Comes with a GTS tool
  • The Ability to edit picture styles
  • Many light effects and distortions
  • Compatible with multiple colored scans

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Maefloresta is another excellent 2D animation software that you can use on your device. The beauty of the Maefloresta app is its ability to create animated content. This is free software; however, it has some features which you will need to pay for.

It’s great for teachers and students who desire an excellent learning process. Beginners will love this 2D software because it offers tutorials on starting animation.

Features include:

  • Free downloaded software
  • Tutorials for everyone
  • Easy to use interface for everyone

Pencil 2D

Another 2D software has an intuitive interface using a cross-platform. This tool is compatible with Linux, Mac OS, and Windows operating systems.

Good software with multilingual language support includes Spanish, English, and Portuguese. Pencil3D is a friendly program for new animators.

Features of this software include:

  • Minimalist designs
  • Raster Workflow switching
  • Cross-Platform compatibility and easy download

Toon Boom Harmony

A leading 2D animation software for experts in animations and effects. You can use this software on Windows, Linux, and macOS systems. This software allows you to make 2D and 3D animations efficiently. It’s great for crafting a unique message, creating an art piece, and showcasing a story.

This excellent 2D animation software isn’t easy to use to learn, but once you master it, you will enjoy it.

Features include:

  • A Good bitmap technology
  • Advanced painting and pallets of options
  • Easy 2D and 3D integration
  • Editing animation tools


This 2D animation tool can help you create unique 2D animations quickly; it’s one of the best tools for professionals who need reliable animation software. It works on all operating systems.

Features are:

  • Quick use for professional animators
  • It comes with Ergonomic controls
  • Can handle all projects with multiple layers

Moho Anime studio

A fantastic option for everyone who wants to go into 2D animation. This is a cheap and great tool you can use for flash-style animations. It is ideal for making great videos. It is an anime studio debut software developed for people new to animation.

Features include:

  • Enhanced drawing tools
  • Smart warp features
  • Realistic motion blur features

Stop Motion studio

This can be used to create a funny animated video. Moreover, you can use the motion studio to help you capture video and picture content. You can do this by using white balance and focus exposure.

Features include:

  • Allows a transparent overlay to view frames
  • Available with chroma key and audio recording
  • DSLR camera support for all recordings


A fun and highly designed 2D animation software. This is a top software for beginners who want excellent editing software. This powerful editing tool can allow you to scan cells, sync sounds with animations, and many more. Flip book is a highly rated free 2D animation software which you will enjoy.

Features of this tool are:

  • Fast to use
  • The painting feature is great
  • Ten layers to add additional touches
  • Ability to import images

Reallusion Crazy Talk Animator

A professional 2D animation software that can be used with Windows and macOS. You can use this tool to integrate with Photoshop tool and import videos. This is an Animator maker which is ideal for people who are serious about making good video and image content.

Features include:

  • captures real-time facial expressions
  • Specifically for advanced users

Using the right 2D animation software is crucial because it determines the ease to operate. The software mentioned above are the best 2D tools you can get.