Best 3D animation software : free and paid

8 best free and paid 3D animation software

3D animation software means three-dimensional animation algorithms used to create characters and backgrounds in several projects. You can use these 3D animation tools to help develop models, background, and storyboards and apply great effects. These 3D animation tools can be used to animate characters in apps, movies and cartoons. While there are many 3D animation software, we will handpick some of the best free and paid software you can get online.

Adobe 3D Animation suite

This is a great animate suite which you can use to create modern design, layout, filmmaking and animation. It is one of the top 3D animation software which you can use with some integrated apps and share on the cloud. This tool has features like illustrator draw, animate and character animator.

With the Adobe animate feature, you can stretch your 3D artwork to a distance and create a natural depth. It also allows you to add, subtract and edit your artwork with detailed drawings. The editing features it comes with is suitable for beginners who want an animation tool they can practice with.

You can also use the parallax effect, which helps create a sense of depth and pace. Moreover, you can use it to enable and accentuate the depth of your animations by adjusting your perspective angle.

Daz 3D

3d animation

The Daz 3D is a character posing animation and rendering software which is created for graphic animators and designers. This software helps them develop human models in 3D and 2D. It has the latest version which allows users to edit the light and the texture of the image.

The feature of this software includes providing 3D motion images and animations. Also, the models of this software can be hand-painted with details. This software allows you to import content into several 3D software tools like:

  • Maya
  • Mudbox
  • 3DS Max
  • ```

Furthermore, this software enables users to export outputs in universal 3D, BVH and FBX format.

Adobe Character Animator

This is another free 3D animator which helps users animate characters in real-time. This software can be used to turn imagination into animated characters using video cams.

It comes with features like animating with body parts and allows users to set up unique shots like zoom and close up. Design characters to portray speed and movement and sync audio to your animation

Motion Builder

The motion builder auto desk is another 3D character animation software which can be used by graphic designers and animators. This AutoDesk creation can be used for:

  • motion capture traditional
  • keyframe animation
  • cinematography.
  • ```

It can be used to capture, edit and play various characters’ animation. Also, you can use motion builder to manipulate motion and capture information. It also allows you to exchange pictorial data between several animations like Maya and motion builder.

For animators who want to create a realistic and natural movement for a character, this tool can also be useful.

Crazy talk

The crazy Talk 3D animation tool is a great software which uses text and voice to animate facial pictures. You can use this 3D animation tool for PC and mobile devices. It offers 3D editing with several expressive templates, muscle control and modify sliders.

This tool comes with features which enable users to transform a photo into a real-time image using 3D heads. Also, users can easily synthesize 3D heads by using all photo views for an ideal look.

This is also a great tool which allows you to control selected parts and facial behaviors.


When talking about a top 3D animation and rendering software, you should consider using MAXON. This software is capable of lightning, animating and texturing. This is a modelling tool which helps users to work on all 3D graphics and animation. MAXON is software which helps users develop both realistic and natural models.

Also, you can use it to create good products using visualization and customization models. You can also use fonts fast by navigating through the drop-down menu. It is a tool which provides procedural objects and shades which make you easily refine your ideas.


Keyshot is another free rendering tool which you can use to create 3D visuals. This modelling software supports more than 49 leading file formats, it offers free plugins which are great for one-click loading.

This animation tool works on Windows and Mac operating systems. The feature of the Keyshot tool is that it includes about 800 materials which advanced capabilities. You can use virtual reality via this tool easily.

It is also a 3D animation tool which allows users to create and regime their concepts and designs. With this tool, you can easily apply designs, variations and textures to any image.


Mari is one of the best free 3D animation tools you can find. It allows you to add textures to any objects and photos. This is a top animation software which offers users many HD textures. It has a Python API which automates workflows and studios. Features include:

  • Supports UDIM workflows
  • Making adjustments to your paint picture
  • Allows easy import and conversion of texture
  • This tool can change Ptex format to UV based texture.
  • ```

It is an excellent 3D animation software which has a free and paid versions. It can be used by those not familiar with animation software.

There are many 3D graphics which can allow you to manipulate, design and create good characters. The 3D animation tools mentioned are the top 8 best free and paid tools you can find.

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